Remembrance of the Lone Enclave

by Old Tower

  • Remembrance of the Lone Enclave MC

    Released by Out of Season (USA).

    NOTE: This MC is only available to European customers! Other people can check out: for copies.

    "We are proud to present under the Out of Season banner this pro-tape reissue of the very limited Old Tower collection 2xTape box set released by Crude Form earlier this year.

    In addition to the tape itself, this deluxe edition is comprised of:
    O.T. crest logo cloth silkscreened patch
    1" Old Tower logo button

    Lo-fi dungeon synth in the tradition of the old masters.
    A collection of previously released demo tapes that were hard to find. Many people were asking for these, so we decided to make all these recordings available again in a more widespread single pro-tape edition.
    Contains all the recordings from "The Book of Ages", "Keepers of the Ancient Flame", "The Door" and "...From the Dark Outlands" with over 1 hour of playing time total."

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released September 26, 2016



Old Tower Arnhem, Netherlands

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